My Last Day In Ghana

The words “I did it!” keep repeating in my mind on my last day here in Ghana. 

It is a truly empowering experience to successfully move to another country alone for an extended period of time without a set schedule or plan. I’m so thankful for all of the inspirational people I met and for all of the amazing adventures I went on. This trip will be something I’ll cherish for the rest of my life. 

Here are some of my favorite moments:


My first trip to the beach
Tilapia from Treasures in Haatso…I went there at least once a week while staying in Haatso.
Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park
Amazing teachers and students of Osu Dance
Two amazing Osu Kids Dance students
Teaching the awesome kids at OK Dance
Choreographed for the opening of a mall in Achimota
Teaching at the University of Ghana at Legon
Rehearsal with these amazing dancers
Walking over a forest
The amazing fruit
Meeting these two beautiful ladies
The Squad
Many great memories at Purple Pub
Huge thank you to Ofori-Ata for taking me under his wing and allowing me to teach at the University of Ghana
So thankful I met this beautiful soul and creator of Dancehall Divas
Mmmh waakye
At the premier of Ghana’s first action movie
I met some stars
My first music video
Talking about being a full time dancer on GH1
Having a proper Thanksgiving dinner with fellow Americans
The super talented music producer JR
Had a blast working on the viral video for Samini’s latest song
Viral video shooting
Eating sushi at Soho
Dancing with the amazing Gbeke
Photoshooting for the Dancehall Divas website
The queen Dancehall Diva and the makeup artist
Group shot
Poster girl
Witnessed a Ghanaian wedding
Palava sauce is life


Made new friends from South Africa
3rd time is a charm. My third and final residence for my stay in Ghana in my favorite neighborhood, East Legon
Huge thank you to Pulse Fitness for the complimentary membership during my stay!
Senchi Resort
Keeping it real in Akosombo
The gorgeous Volta Lake
Senchi Resort
The Volta Lake
The incredible talent in the School of Performing Arts at the University of Ghana
Tilapia from Senchi Resort
The best tilapia award goes to Chez Clarisse
I had a lot of clothes made but this is my favorite outfit
Second time to the castle in Cape Coast
My favorite chill spot in East Legon: Coco Vanilla
365 days before this photo I said I’d bring in the New Year on the beach in Ghana. And I did!
I’ll be back Ghana!


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