Two Weeks Into Ghana

I can’t believe I’ve been here for two weeks already!! 10 thoughts about my life in Ghana so far:

1.) The food here is so delicious that I’m dedicating an entire blog post to just food later. It’s that serious. 

2.) I’m adding consistent electricity to my list of things I’ll never take for granted again. The electricity stays on for maybe 24 hours (on a good day) and then goes off…unexpectedly. There’s a lot of talk about why and what is/isn’t being done by the government to solve this problem. All I know is that when the lights go off, my soul cries and when they come back on, my soul hits the Nae Nae 😩

3.) I’m not black right now. Sure, I’m Black American as my heritage (and proud of it ✊🏾), but no one here is going to effectively describe me to someone as the woman with brown skin. That’s like…half the population. In the tv shows, on the billboards, in the newspapers, the professors at the university, the president–they all have my skin color. And it feels great being on vacation from the institution of race. 

4.) I am a foreigner. I know a lot of us Black Americans (and others in the Diaspora) often hope that when we visit an African country (especially a West African country) we’ll blend right in and feel like there’s no difference between us and the people. That’s just not going to happen. From the various languages to the foods to the intricate cultural traditions, there is definitely a difference. However, there are a ton of similarities and cultural links that, even though I am definitely a foreigner, I often feel more like extended family. 

5.) From the moment I arrived, I have been receiving an overwhelming amount of hospitality and generosity from friends, new friends, and complete strangers. I have never felt so welcomed, safe and looked after in any place I’ve visited abroad. It’s incredible.   

6.) I miss Über. Yup. Free advertisement for Über, but it’s true. How much a cab ride costs depends on if you’re from a different country, how well you can bargain (I suck at it but  by the end of this trip I’ll be a pro), the time of day, the traffic, how many other taxis are around, how confident I sound about knowing where my destination is… Sigh. Can I just pay in smiles please?

7.) Traveling abroad for an extended period of time is driving home the importance of relying on my intuition and gut instinct. Always. 

8.) The music here is incredible…
9.) …so you KNOW the dances here are everything! #IAmInDanceHeaven

10.) I know I am exactly where I am supposed to be. I am so happy that I chose to step over my fears and step outside of my comfort zone to take this journey. Since arriving I’ve felt that fear surge when I enter into unfamiliar territory (so, like…every day).  When it does, I have to decide if I’m going to let the fear keep me where I’m at or if I’m going to take a risk and grow. At times it’s exhausting, but at just two weeks in, I’ve already seen personal growth. This is all worth it. #IAmGrowingLikeATree #WellNotExactly #ButYouGetMyPoint

Thank you for all of your love and support! I have sooo many pictures to post from my recent trip to Cape Coast. Coming soon!


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