I’m BOOKED y’all! I finally faced my fears and booked my ticket to Ghana!

…And I  immediately felt a wave of panic. Why couldn’t I experience the same level of joy I feel when I bite into a piece of chocolate? They’re both amazing and good for me (chocolate is good for me).
When I think about it, it seems that every time I take a major jump out of my comfort zone two things happen: 1) Panic and fear come to say what’s up, and  2) I’m faced with a series of challenges.

Like that time I traveled to Ghana to host my first performing arts and scholarship program for local high school students. Do you remember the blizzard of 2010 in New York City? Yeeeah, that was the night before I was scheduled to fly out. Online my flight claimed to still be on-schedule and on-time, so that morning I had to find a way to get to the airport.

My journey started with me paying a stranger to carry my luggage from my house to a main street through hip-level snow. Next, I got into what I still hope to this day was just an unmarked cab car and not a complete stranger (my mother would NOT approve). My “cab” was one of the last on the road that wasn’t charging triple digits for a ride to the airport. By this point I felt like I was winning at life…until I found out the inevitable: my flight was cancelled.  All of us would-be travel buddies found this out after spending two hours staring at an empty customer service and check-in desk.

After hours of waiting outside, I finally caught a cab back home. It took me about ten minutes to realize that driving in the snow wasn’t my cab driver’s forte . My ride ended with us getting stuck in the snow, shoveling out the wheels, and me driving the cab in reverse down an avenue length block (those blocks never end!) onto the nearest major road with snow-driving skills courtesy of my Colorado upbringing. And to round out my fabulous day, I came down with chills, aches and a fever.

But do you know what happened? I became more and more determined to make that trip successful after every obstacle I  overcame. I slept off the fever and aches, told my sob story to an airline manager (complete with tears for optimal results), ended up on a first class flight, and went on to host an incredible first program.

I wonder how I would’ve felt if the first program went off without a glitch? Would I still have doubts about doing it? Maybe I wouldn’t have appreciated it as much? Or maybe it all happened to make this blog post more interesting…

Hosting that first program from the planning to creating the curriculum to traveling alone incited a ton of fear, but by the time I went through all of those challenges, I was all in. Determination replaced my fear. And it has definitely made me more confident in making this upcoming trip a successful one.

I’m ready for whatever obstacles come my way…however, I really hope another blizzard isn’t one of my obstacles before my flight in September 😉


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