Hello world!

My very first post!

My decision to pack up my NYC belongings and move to Ghana for 5 months motivated me to start this blog. I would love to document and forever remember this journey, exploration and experience. I can’t wait to start, but I have so much to do! Like purchase my ticket…

I’ve come close a couple of times, but then this wave of fear hits me and I stop. Which seems crazy. I know what I’m doing is a big change and a risk, but I am finally making a dream come true! I know it’s going to end up amazing!

Well, part of me knows. Then there’s this other part of me that begins every thought with “what if..?!!” And she’s the part of me that won’t book the ticket.

I know forcing things before I’m ready isn’t the way to go, but I also know that my biggest rewards are waiting outside of my comfortable bubble…and, right now, I need to pop it. Those “what ifs…?!!” are no reason to shy away from a dream.

There is freedom waiting for you,

On the breezes of the sky,

And you ask “What if I fail?”

Oh but my darling,

What if you fly?


My next post will be about my newly purchased ticket 🙂


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